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will be closed for vacation June 26 - June 29, 2017.

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"Hurtling Through Time" Now Showing at Caffe Galleria

River Queen Artisans Gallery presents "Hurtling Through Time" at Caffe Galleria, 23 North Union Street in Lambertville, NJ, from 6 - 8 PM, Tuesday May 16, 2017. "Hurtling Through Time" features the delightful photographs of Sal Petruzelli Marino. You can read a little more about the exhibit at RQ at Galleria.

Second Saturday at River Queen


Oil Painting
by Dot Bunn

Many thanks to artist Dot Bunn and the one and only Pumpkin for making Second Saturday a memorable event! And thanks to all who attended.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

"The Luck of the Artist" opened with a reception from 3 - 6 PM.

 River Queen Artisans Gallery celebrates their seventh birthday with a new show "The Luck of the Artist". 

"The Luck of the Artist" features work from our regular lineup of local artists, and includes a series of portraits from local artist and teacher, Dot Bunn​, and introduces the work of artist June Ponte to River Queen Artisans Gallery.​

Dot Bunn is a full time studio oil painter who lives and works in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She has a strong commitment to working with and teaching traditional methods of painting. Ms Bunn is an elected member of Allied Artists of America and the American Artists Professional League. She is a member of Oil Painters of America and her still life painting "Autumn Berry Vine" was accepted into their 2017 National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils.

For this show, we will be showing a series of portraits Dot recently painted of local Drag Queens, along with preliminary drawings done prior to the paintings. These are spectacular portraits, and showing them along with the drawings will give the viewer a glimpse into the artist's process.

​June Ponte comes from a family known for their "creative eccentricities." She has been drawing since very young, creates portraits of creative historic figures and paintings laced with mystic symbolism. 

June Ponte’s artwork has appeared in the Now Gallery, NYC, Window Box Gallery, NYC, True Fakes Gallery, NYC, O-Roe Electric Art Space, Hoboken, NJ, City Without Walls, Newark, NJ, Studio Montclair Gallery, and the Sussex County Arts and Heritage Gallery, Newton, NJ.

Ponte’s artwork has appeared in publications as diverse as Architectural Digest, Heavy Metal Magazine, and Parents Magazine. 

River Queen Artisans Gallery is proud to welcome Ms Ponte, and will include a diverse selection of her work in our new show, including several luminaries, a selection of earrings and a number of paintings in antique frames, including some of her historic portraits.

​River Queen Artisans Gallery first opened in April of 2010​, the gallery has always sought to show some of the best artists in our area. We believe that we have gathered a​ talented ​group of ​​eclectic artists ​​within our gallery.  ​We continue to focus on local artists, but decided to focus on more quirky art, feeling there are many great galleries in New Hope and Lambertville where traditional paintings are easily found. We want to offer space to artists with more playful, whimsical and even bizarre visions. We show paintings, prints, digital art,  photography montages, sculptures, jewelry and assemblage art, and also greeting cards done by our artists, and CD's from local musicians. We do five shows a year, each one lasts about ten weeks. We feature live music from local musicians most First Fridays.

​"The Luck of the Artist" also ​includes new work from more than thirty local artists, many of our artists will be at the opening to meet and greet.​

​"The Luck of the Artist"  will run through June 24, 2017. ​

If you need more information, please call the gallery at 609-397-2977.

Hurtling Through Time

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There will be an opening reception May 16, from 65 - 8 PM, for the new show at Caffe Galleria, featuring the photography of Sal Petruzelli Marino.

"Things Made Beautiful" is now open at Caffe Galleria

"Things Made Beautiful" features oil paintings by local artist, Dot Bunn, and will run until May 16, 2017.