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Custom Jewelry Designs
Jane Spencer Wesby

Custom Jewelry Design | Multi-color Half Moon Necklace

Jane Spencer Wesby attended the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts. She did costume design, jewelry design and poster design prior to a successful career in corporate America. Jane has maintained her creative energy through photography and her continued involvement in jewelry design. (See more of Jane's designs at Jane's website.)

Custom Jewelry Design | Petals Gems and Pearls Necklace 

Jane was awarded first prize in Lambertville's Shadfest poster contest for best photograph one year and received an honorable mention another year.
Jane has successfully sold her custom jewelry designs in shops in both Lambertville and New Hope prior to opening the Lambertville Art Gallery River Queen Artisans. Jane also brings years of business experience to the the gallery.

 Custom Jewelry Design | Spring Dance Necklace

Jane Spencer Wesby's jewelry and photography are on exhibit at the River Queen Artisans Gallery.