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Claudia Balant

River Queen Artisans is pleased to welcome Pennsylvania artist Claudia Balant to our Lambertville gallery. Claudia Balant is a second generation painter, whose earliest painting lessons came from her father. She studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and the University of Pennsylvania. She currently teaches art for the Pennridge School District.

Painter Claudia Balant

Claudia Balant works in oils on panels and boxes, and makes and decorates her own frames. Her work is strongly influenced by her deep interest in ancient myths and her love of natural forms. 
Oil painting The Sun 
The Sun 
"I have drawn and painted people all my life. While I sometimes have done portraits of family and friends, most of my work depicts figures from myths and legends. They come to me as I work and demand to be expressed. The settings are environments made of rocks, plants, clouds, water; the colors and surfaces are informed by the microscopic and the monumental language of the natural world." 

Box with figure

Lady Box

"Recently I inherited a cache of boxes from a great uncle and began experimenting with sculpting faces on them. This series led to using clay faces on panels. The figures of the mythical world are attempting to enter ours." 


Oil painting with sculpted mask

The Horned Man 


Claudia Balant's work will be part of our new show, Summer in the City, opening June 29. There will be an opening reception from 6 - 8 PM. More details can be found on our Upcoming Events page.

Stop by the gallery and see more of Claudia's work.