If you are interested in any of the specific pieces on this page, please call the gallery (609-397-2977) during business hours to confirm it is still available.

Our newest show, "Beyond the Dark" opened Sunday, February 19.

Here are a few highlights from Beyond the Dark:



by Rachel Bliss
Original Painting
4" Wide by 6" High

     Rich Mog was recently named to a list of the 50 best imaginative realists in the

     world and we are delighted to show his work at River Queen Artisans Gallery.

     fine art oil painting
The Flight of Willow
by Rich Mog
Oil Painting on Board
22" Wide by 32" High


photography montage

And the Band Played On
by Darlene Foster
Photography Montage
Framed 26 3/4" Wide X 22 3/4" High
           acrylic painting
Finish H
by Bonnie Buellis
Acrylic Painting
Framed 12 1/4" Wide X 14" High

Fine Art Oil Painting

Hindu Bride
by Rich Mog
Oil Painting
Framed 42" Wide X 38" High
               Ceramic and Stoneware Sculpture
Where Are We Going?
by Sheila Coutin
Ceramic and Stoneware Sculpture
Approximately 18 1/2" High and 12" Long

Fine Art Photography
They Are Coming
by Rodney Miller
Framed 20" Wide X 24" High

fabric art
by Ayala Shimelman
Cotton Threads Stitched on Canvas
10" Wide X 10" High